Why Is Dentistry Important?

Because the smile is the first thing you notice! You may have seen this popular ad floating around social media platforms. It got a good chuckle out of me the first time I saw and like many it worked on me….I only noticed the missing... Continue Reading


MORE OPTIONS THAN EVER IN COSMETIC DENTISTRY The first reaction I get from patients when cosmetic dentistry comes up is ‘that must be expensive’ or ‘that’s not covered by insurance is it?’. The majority of patients, that I see on a daily basis, are unhappy... Continue Reading

Solea Laser – The Future Of Dentistry

Pulp Non-Fiction: Solea Laser; The Future of Dentistry Solea Laser Group Meeting 2019 Scottsdale Arizona I recently attended the Solea Laser Group Meeting 2019 located in Scottsdale, Arizona. My attitude towards this convention was very skeptical as I rarely attend any course or convention that... Continue Reading

Needle-Free Pain-Free Dentistry

  Needle-free, pain-free dentistry, could it be true? Let me introduce the Solea Laser to the Okanagan Valley. Dental lasers have been used in dentistry since the early 90’s and have been primarily in use for soft tissue management. i.e. The gums. In my own... Continue Reading

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