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At Kelowna Dental Centre, we custom-design our dental implant treatment plans based on your unique health needs. With an abundance of benefits, dental implants will give you the smile you deserve.

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Benefits of Choosing Kelowna Dental Centre

  1. Start-to-finish, comprehensive general dentistry

  2. In-house financing via partnership with PaySpyre Financial

  3. Safe, effective sedation dentistry for anxiety and special healthcare needs

  4. Full-service, patient-focused practice

  5. Timely appointments that suit your schedule

  6. Caring dental professionals

The Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement option available today.

These restorations utilize a titanium or ceramic post implanted in the jawbone to anchor a custom single-tooth or multi-tooth restoration. Dr. Michael Webster may attach single crowns, bridges, and full arch dentures (implant-supported dentures) to create natural-looking, long-lasting results that feel and function like real teeth.

We offer the following dental implant systems at our clinic:

  • Single Dental Implants
  • All-on-4® Dental Implants
  • Hybrid Dental Implants
  • Hybridge Dental Implants
  • Mini Implants
  • Overdentures
  • Implant-Retained Dentures

Dental Implant Benefits

Don’t suffer through the pain, discomfort, and distress that comes with missing teeth.

The benefits of dental implants are abundant, including:

  • Improved appearance
  • Improved speech
  • Improved comfort
  • Easier mealtimes
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Supreme durability and convenience

Patients who are ideal candidates for dental implants are in need of tooth replacement for one or multiple teeth, have good overall oral health, and have adequate jawbone density to support an implant (or implants).

The Smile of Your Dreams Awaits

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Our Owner and GP, Dr. Michael Webster

Dr. Webster is an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated dental practitioner who delivers natural-looking, long-lasting dental implants.

Dr. Michael Webster has travelled the world to earn the most valuable dental implant credentials to serve our patients better, including:

  • 2022: Digital Implant Training Program. gIDE Global Institute for Dental Education with Dr. Sasha A. Jovanovic
  • 2022: Regeneration Around Compromised Teeth & Implants at The Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy
  • 2022: Advanced Bone & Soft Tissue Regeneration in Implant Therapy with Dr. Istavan Urban DMD, MD, PhD
  • 2022: Full Arch Surgery: Treatment, Planning and Restorative Concepts at the 4M Institute
  • 2021: Advanced Hard & Soft Tissue Regeneration Techniques in Implant Therapy with Dr. Istvan Urban DMD, MD, PhD

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