Full Mouth Reconstruction: What You Need to Know

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Hi there! I’m Dr. Michael Webster, Owner and Smile Makeover Dentist at Kelowna Dental Centre. Having been at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry for over a decade now, I understand all too well that if you’ve struggled with dental functionality or aesthetic concerns, it can leave you feeling like your dream smile is out of reach.

But rest assured – at Kelowna Dental Centre, we know that no smile is a lost cause.

One service we typically recommend for complex functionality and aesthetic cases—because it packs all of the benefits into a streamlined treatment cycle—is full-mouth reconstruction. A full-mouth reconstruction is a holistically planned restorative dentistry procedure that addresses damaged or missing teeth, jaw alignment, TMJ disorders, bruxism, and even dental diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal disease, and other forms of dental parafunction.

In this blog, we’ll work through some of the key concepts that comprise a full-mouth reconstruction and what you, as a patient, can expect from the treatment process here at Kelowna Dental Centre.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction: Assessment and Planning

Every full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan begins with a complimentary in-depth consultation, an essential component of our integrated approach to providing exceptional care. My team and I will use this time to listen and understand your specific dental goals and areas of concern, which will help us map out the stages of a customized treatment plan.

During your consultation, we’ll also perform a comprehensive oral examination, including advanced imaging sessions, to accurately assess your oral alignment, gum health, and jawbone characteristics, allowing us to execute the treatment with remarkable precision.

Collaboration is at the heart of how we achieve the dazzling results you’ll love every day. After all, it’s your smile, your journey, and your ideal results that we’re after!

Full-Mouth Reconstruction: Components

No two full-mouth reconstructions are exactly alike because each comprises a fully customized set of aesthetic and functional dental treatments.

Your personalized plan will ultimately depend on what you aim to achieve through the treatment. Consequently, your full-mouth reconstruction is guaranteed to involve various treatments and techniques that will help us achieve the most precise, successful results.

Some full-mouth reconstruction treatment components include:

  • Dental implants: Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement available today. Long-lasting and designed to support natural-looking and feeling smiles, dental implants utilize a titanium or ceramic post “implanted” into the jawbone to anchor a custom single-tooth or multi-tooth restoration.
  • Gum grafting: Gum grafting is pivotal for those experiencing gum recession or thinning. By covering exposed tooth roots and bolstering your gum line, gum grafting revitalizes the appearance of your smile and strengthens your overall oral health.
  • Crowns: Think of a dental crown as a protective cap (or, indeed, a crown) for your tooth. It snugly covers the visible part of your tooth after we’ve carefully removed any decay. Crowns come in a few varieties: metal, known for its durability and ability to handle the rigours of chewing and biting; porcelain-fused-to-metal, which blends seamlessly with your natural teeth for a perfect match; and ceramic, the go-to choice for anyone with metal sensitivities.
  • Veneers: Typically made of porcelain, veneers are materials placed over an existing tooth. They’re used for function and aesthetics, as they can help solve bite-related challenges and bring balance to a smile.
  • Teeth whitening: We use safe, effective, and highly advanced teeth whitening agents to remove stubborn stains. Teeth whitening might be included in your full-mouth reconstruction to enhance your smile’s appearance.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Technology and Materials

Here at Kelowna Dental Centre, we’re leading the charge when it comes to the latest dental technology and materials advancements. Our team’s fusion of top-notch skills and cutting-edge tech, like the magic of 3D printing, means we can tailor treatments with an artist’s touch and an engineer’s precision.

It’s all about crafting results that are as unique as you are—ensuring a flawless fit and a smile that’s truly yours. And because we utilize only the best, longest-lasting materials, you can trust your new smile to stand the test of time. Welcome to the future of dental care, where lasting beauty meets uncompromised quality.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Patient Experience

When it comes to ensuring a full-mouth reconstruction success, two things really set the tone for a great experience: feeling comfortable and being in the loop.

I get it—dental anxiety is real and can often stand in the way of getting the care you truly need. This is precisely why open, honest chats are the heart of every consultation at Kelowna Dental Centre. We dive deep into what makes you tick and what might make you nervous about treatment day, all to tailor an experience that feels just right for you.

Need a little sedation to ease the nerves? No problem. Looking for extra reassurance throughout the process? We’ve got your back. Here, it’s all about creating a safe space where you feel supported every step of the way toward that dream smile.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Success Stories

There’s something special about the work we do here at Kelowna Dental Centre, and it all comes down to the people and communities we serve. Seeing the life-changing impact of our treatments on our patients’ everyday lives is why we’re so passionate about our work.

From the very first consultation to the moment they leave our clinic smiling, we’re committed to crafting a journey that’s as smooth and personalized as possible. I want to see every patient leave 100% thrilled with their results. The joy of seeing a patient beam with confidence, enjoying the little moments in life with newfound comfort, is unmatched. It’s not just about the smiles we create but the lives we touch and the daily experiences we enhance.

But don’t just listen to me talk about the stunning results. See them for yourself!

Life-Changing Results

Embracing the power of a full-mouth reconstruction isn’t just about enhancing your smile; it’s about transforming your life. Here at Kelowna Dental Centre, we’re passionate about unlocking the potential of your dream smile and its impact on your everyday happiness and well-being.

A decision as significant as a full-mouth reconstruction deserves thoughtful consideration, which is why we designed our consultations to be as informative and reassuring as possible. My team and I are here to guide you through all your questions and ensure you feel confident—and excited!—about your journey toward a radiant, functional smile.

Connect with us today to book your consultation. We can’t wait to care for you!

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