Dental Implants: Now That You Need Them, What Should You Know?

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Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but nothing is as good as the real thing. The same can be said for your teeth! If you’re missing teeth, dentures might be a suitable option. But dental implants are the closest treatment solution to giving you back your natural teeth – and smile.

Not only do implants bring back your swagger with a great-looking smile, but they also provide exceptional functionality and, to the surprise of many of my patients, tremendous mental and physical health benefits.

Your Dedicated Dental Implant Team

After a bit of Googling, you’ll quickly find that many general dentists dabble in implants, but, like in everything we do here at Kelowna Dental Centre, we take it to a whole new level of care and patient experience.

I’m proud to say that we have an entire implant division. This team consists of me, Dr. Michael Webster, and a crew of skilled dental professionals, including implant assistants, a registered nurse, and an implant patient coordinator. 

Our entire team has undergone extensive technical training to gain the expertise required to ensure this technology-driven process (more on this below!) leads to successful implant outcomes for all our patients. But before we get into the “how it’s done” bit, just what in the heck are dental implants, and why should I get them?

I’m so glad you asked.

Dental Implants: Benefits Beyond Your Smile

Generally, dental implants consist of three parts: the implant – a screw that serves as a root for your new teeth. This is what permanently attaches to your jaw; the abutment – a permanent connector that supports and holds a tooth or set of teeth; and the crown – the part of the tooth you can see. It’s usually made of zirconium or porcelain for durability and good looks.

The aesthetic advantages of dental implants are clear, but the psychological and physical health benefits are perhaps even more impressive. 

There is considerable research that indicates choosing dentures alone can reduce your lifespan by 10 YEARS compared to implants! 

I can hear your reaction: “But Dr. Webster, how the hell is that possible??”

It all comes down to two critical factors. First is your mental health. If you feel good about your teeth, you’ll want to smile more to show off those pearly whites. More smiles mean more happiness, which means, for the most part, a longer life.

Second and most important, is that it all comes down to nutrition. Have you ever tried eating a barbequed steak or fresh crunch veggies from the garden with dentures? Hopefully, you haven’t, and my goal as a Dentist is to make sure you never do! Dental implants allow for proper digestion of vital nutrients in our diets, like healthy protein and fibre. If you’ve got a mouth full of teeth that won’t stay in place, you’re more than likely missing out on food critical to a long, healthy life.

And lastly, dental implants help maintain the gums and bone in the lower ⅓ of the face, preventing shrinkage and ensuring longevity.

At this point, you’re probably already convinced, but read on—it gets better!

    A Highly Technological Plan

    Like fingerprints, no two smiles are the same! Awwww, sounds sweet, I know. But it’s true and an essential part of the implant planning process.

    When we meet to discuss your options, we’ll likely initially meet over the phone or via video call. But eventually, we’ll meet in person to establish a plan tailored to your unique needs. This includes considering aesthetic and functional factors, plus your overall health and wellness goals.

    And for those outside Kelowna, you’ll be glad to know that we have a connection with a local hotel for discounts if you need to travel for a procedure! We can talk more about that during our first consultation.

    What’s really exciting is technology’s role in building an implant plan that will last you decades. With the use of 3D imaging and modelling, my team and I gain a deep understanding of the anatomy of your jaw, allowing us to plan and construct an implant that works for you.

    Not only does this process ensure the implant will sit perfectly with your teeth, but it also ensures your implant will support your gums and jaw–the other critical components of good oral health!

    The same technology allows us to create surgical guides that help us perfectly place the implant during surgery.

    Care That’s a Dream-Come-True

    Now if you’re anything like most patients I talk to, my mentioning “surgery” in that last paragraph made you cringe. Don’t worry; I get it. That’s why at Kelowna Dental Centre, we offer implant procedures under IV sedation. You’ll feel nothing at all and will wake up with no recollection whatsoever of the procedure.

    That said, implant placement is a relatively simple procedure with mild discomfort for recovery in under a week but nothing too severe. In cases where more advanced procedures are required, such as bone or gum grafting, we expect 1-2 weeks of moderate discomfort. 

    And more good news: dental implants cannot develop cavities, nor will they decay. Just take care of them the same as you do your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing daily, plus regular hygiene appointments and check-ups will help keep your implants in excellent condition.

    Financing Dental Implants Simply and Affordably

    You’re probably also wondering, “How much do dental implants cost?” We’re proud to offer multiple implant treatment options that are respectful of varying budgets. 

    We also have a partnership with PaySpyre, a Kelowna-based dental financing platform, to deliver affordable, personalized dental care for all our patients.

    Affordable, easy financing has given many of our patients access to the care and services they needed right away, with the added flexibility of paying over time. With high approval rates, no credit history requirements, and affordable payment options, our goal is to get you the care you need as quickly and affordably as possible.

    We aim to ensure every patient gets the best care possible and always provide a detailed and honest cost estimate before proceeding with treatment.

    What Comes Next with Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are simply the best solution to restore your natural smile. 

    Dental implant types can range from single tooth implants, implant-supported bridges, implant overdentures, all-on-4, all-on-X, 3-on-6, full mouth implant prostheses, and many more. 

    Recommended treatment options are chosen with our patients after learning their desired outcomes, and alternative options are provided. 

    We may eliminate, add, or modify treatment options based on patient-specific factors. Through this detailed discovery process and examination, we provide our patients with an individualized treatment plan and associated estimate. No trickery, just ethically sound, effective, and professional dental care.

    If you want to restore your smile confidence, contact us today to learn more about the dental implant treatment options at Kelowna Dental Centre. We can’t wait to care for you!

    Dr. Michael Webster

    Kelowna Dental Centre Owner
    General Dentist
    Kelowna Implant Dentist
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