A life-changing transformation. All in one day. Right here at Kelowna Dental Centre.

Teeth in a day is more than just a fresh set of pearly whites. They represent a new world of endless possibilities.

Imagine no longer being held back by your smile, embracing every opportunity with confidence and joy. It’s time to let go of the hesitation and step into everything life offers – smile first.

With teeth in a day dental implants, we provide personalized, full-arch implant solutions that deliver lasting comfort, functionality, and aesthetic harmony.

Here, you can transform your smile and life – all in a day.


Success Stories

Dive into the transformative world of full arch implant and teeth in a day success stories, including stunning before-and-after results that show restored smiles and confidence.

  • Meet Cindy

    For a couple of years, I wouldn’t smile as big because I knew I needed a different type of treatment, which was offered at KDC. From the very first phone call, I was extremely anxious, but they were very consoling, non-judgmental, and it was a really good first conversation. This office is incredible for someone like me, who’s very anxious. This is truly the best team ever—I’m really going to miss them now that the process is all over.

  • Meet Damion

    It was getting to a point where my diet was limited to what I was physically able to eat. Big burgers and loaded sandwiches were out of the question! I was really missing eating a Clubhouse sandwich – now I enjoy a Clubhouse whenever I want!

  • Meet Joanne

    What an amazing and great place to be. The moment I came in, I was welcomed by kind and sweet people making sure I was comfortable. I had a same-day treatment for upper implants with IV sedation, and the experience was mind-blowing. It’s amazing what they can do in a day! I don’t remember a thing about what happened during my surgery, and it felt so great as I was a bit nervous. It’s been a life-changing experience for me, and I will be forever thankful to you all.

  • Meet Johann

    My new teeth look amazing, and I am very satisfied with them. Everyone there did such a great job making sure I was comfortable throughout the process and that everything was right until the end. The new teeth look great and are exactly what I was hoping for. Became great friends with Dr. Webster in the process. Couldn’t have trusted anyone else to do the job. Thank you to everyone at Kelowna Dental Centre.

Understand the Process


Your journey begins with a consultation with Dr. Webster’s Teeth-In-A-Day Treatment Advisor, Hannah. During this session, Hannah will delve into your treatment plan, addressing any questions you may have, discussing your aesthetic preferences, and reviewing your scans. Together, we’ll craft the perfect treatment plan tailored uniquely to you.

Surgery Day

On the day of your surgery, you’ll be sedated for comfort as our team works to transform your smile. You’ll leave with beautifully designed temporary teeth. This initial phase lasts about three months, during which you can make any design tweaks to ensure your smile is exactly as you envision it.

Final Insert

Once you’re completely satisfied with your new smile, we insert your final zirconia bridge. This step marks the culmination of your transformation, leaving you with a smile that’s beautiful, fully functional, and designed to last.

Dr. Webster’s Dental Philosophy

Meet Our Teeth in a Day Dentist and Owner, Dr. Michael Webster

Emerging from humble beginnings, Dr. Webster fell in love with dentistry for its unique blend of science and art and the opportunity to improve his patients’ lives. Over the years, his dedication to patient wellness has only grown stronger, driven by the transformative power of a confident smile. Today, as the heart and soul behind Kelowna Dental Centre, Dr. Webster inspires his team and patients with expertise, empathy, and a contagious enthusiasm for dental excellence.

Dr. Webster Knows Dental Implants Change Lives

The core of our practice is our patients’ transformational experiences. They frequently tell us about the immediate difference in how they feel and interact with the world. With their new smiles, they can confidently embrace all life has to offer, untethered from anxiety or self-consciousness. It touches every aspect of life, from personal interactions to professional opportunities. And it reinforces the idea that a new smile does so much more than improve appearance—it fundamentally changes lives.

Dental implants at Kelowna Dental Centre

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