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Dr. Michael Webster here, Implant Dentist and Owner at Kelowna Dental Centre! If you’re looking to regain your smile’s brilliance, functionality, and the confidence that comes with it, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore Nasal Rim and Nasal Spine Implants: the procedure, costs and financing options, plus the transformative before and after results. 

Nasal rim and nasal spine dental implants are specialized implant systems designed to support dental restorations in cases where the natural teeth are missing in the upper jaw region. These implants utilize the structures of the nasal rim and spine, offering a secure anchorage for dental restorations, ensuring stability during chewing and speaking, similar to natural teeth.

Nasal rim dental implants are placed in the region where the natural teeth would normally be present, adjacent to the nostrils. Nasal rim dental implants are an excellent option for patients who have lost their upper front teeth.

Nasal spine dental implants, as the name suggests, are placed in the nasal spine region, which is a bony structure that extends downward from the nasal bones. 

What Are the Main Benefits of Nasal Rim and Nasal Spine Dental Implants?


These implants help in recreating a natural-looking smile, enhancing facial harmony and self-confidence.

Bone Preservation

By integrating with the jawbone, nasal rim and nasal spine implants help preserve bone density and prevent further bone loss, maintaining facial structure over time.


These implant systems offer versatility, accommodating various restoration options, including single crowns, bridges, or even implant-supported dentures.

What Are the Important Factors You Need for a Successful Nasal Rim or Nasal Spine Implant? 

Adequate Bone Density

Sufficient bone density is essential for the successful placement of nasal rim and nasal spine implants. In cases of significant bone loss, other types of implant procedures may be required to support implant stability.

An Individual Assessment

Each patient’s oral health and anatomical structure must be assessed thoroughly to determine the suitability of nasal rim or nasal spine dental implants.

An Experienced Implantologist

Due to the specialized nature of nasal rim and nasal spine dental implants, it is crucial to seek treatment from an experienced implantologist who possesses the necessary expertise and knowledge to ensure a successful outcome.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

While exact costs vary depending on individual needs, it’s crucial to understand the value and long-term benefits Nasal Rim and Nasal Spine implants offer. Our team at Kelowna Dental Centre will provide a detailed breakdown of the cost during your personalized consultation, ensuring transparency and helping you make an informed decision about your dental health. 

We’re also extremely proud to offer revolutionary in-house dental financing that allows us to work within almost any budget and offer flexible financing options to make your dream smile attainable. Our in-house financing program, powered by PaySpyre, allows you to break down the cost into manageable monthly payments tailored to fit your budget. 

Everyone deserves access to top-quality dental care, and our financing options reflect our commitment to your oral health and overall well-being. We can guide you through the process and explore the financing solution that suits your needs.

Want to Find Out if You’re a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Our skilled, experienced team at Kelowna Dental Centre will work closely with you, customizing a treatment plan to ensure your unique dental goals are met. Don’t just take our word for it; explore our before and after gallery to witness the remarkable dental implant results and envision the possibilities that await you.

If you’re considering dental implants to enhance your oral health, get in touch with us today. We’ll walk you through the entire process and make sure you feel comfortable and heard during your consultation.

Together, we’ll make your dream smile a reality. We can’t wait to care for you!

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