Start The Year With Dental Care: Dental Hygiene After the Holiday Season


As the whirlwind of the holiday season winds down, shifting our focus to our health in the new year is key and one major aspect of health that is often overlooked is dental hygiene. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been enjoying many great desserts these past few weeks (as you most definitely should) but we want to make sure you’re set up to avoid any dental risks associated. The increased sugar intake during the holidays can impact our oral health, making a post-holiday dental care routine important. We’ll dive into the impact of the holiday season on our teeth and how to maintain appropriate care, share practical tips for maintaining oral hygiene, and shed light on the importance of post-holiday dental checkups. 

The Risks of Holiday Sugar Overload

For many of us, one of the best parts of the holiday season is the abundance of amazing sweet treats. However, despite how fun it can be, the treats can take a toll on our oral health. The increased consumption of sugary foods and drinks during this time provides an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to grow. This bacteria growth can lead to dental diseases including plaque buildup, cavities, and potential gum issues which pose more intensive care solutions in the future. Being aware of these risks is the first proactive step towards post-holiday dental care.

Practical Tips for a Healthy Post-Holiday Dental Routine

What you do in your day-to-day dental care can largely impact your long-term oral health. So with the festive season passing, do a self-check and reset your oral hygiene habits. Regular brushing and flossing, coupled with staying hydrated and choosing tooth-friendly snacks that have sugar alternatives like xylitol can go a long way in maintaining optimal oral health and preventing cavities. Establishing a consistent routine can help mitigate risks of bacteria overgrowth and ongoing health issues. 

The Importance of Post-Holiday Dental Checkups

While adopting a consistent post-holiday, and year-round, dental routine is important, scheduling a dental checkup is equally valuable at maintaining your dental health. Routine dental cleanings and examinations can detect and address any issues that may have emerged during the holidays. From identifying cavities to assessing gum health, a post-holiday dental checkup provides a comprehensive overview of your oral well-being, allowing for timely interventions and preventing potential complications. We recommend planning a visit within the first three months of the new year to spot any new or ongoing issues. 

Start to Finish Full-Service Dentistry and Payment Options

At Kelowna Dental Centre, our patient-focused dentistry prioritizes your health above all, which is why we offer a range of treatments and options to meet your unique needs. This time of year can be a more costly one for many, and we recognize that financial considerations should not be a barrier to dental care. We partner with PaySpyre Financial to provide in-house financing options to create more accessible treatment plans. With PaySpyre you can select from various financing options to get the dental care you need without compromising your budget after the holiday season.

New Year, Same Healthy Smile

Instead of making a long list of New Year’s resolutions, make just one – to look out for your dental health. At Kelowna Dental Centre you can trust that we will support you with comprehensive care and start-to-finish services that are customized to your unique needs. With strong daily oral care habits and a trusted dental partner with a patient-focused approach, you can achieve a healthy smile year-round. 

If you’re curious about setting up a checkup or need more extensive treatments, we want to get in touch to find your tailored dental plan.

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