Why Family Dentistry Matters


At Kelowna Dental Centre we operate in a way that intertwines community and exceptional dental care, working with every patient to form positive relationships and personalized treatment. We believe that comprehensive dental care should be accessible to your whole family and it shouldn’t be a complicated process to find it. Read on to learn more about why family dentistry is so important to us and how we support your family through different treatment plans.

Nurturing Smiles, Embracing Families: One-Stop Hub for Every Family Member

In the chaos of day-to-day family life, convenience is everything. Our family dentistry services are designed to be a one-stop destination to best cater to the diverse needs of families, and simplify the overall process for everyone. Whether it is someone’s first dental cleaning, a more advanced treatment for a parent, or a cosmetic smile makeover, our skilled team personalizes the entire treatment process.

Kid-Friendly Atmosphere for Little Smiles

Despite our love for dentistry, we understand that for a child, it may feel intimidating. As parents ourselves, we know a kid’s first dental experience can greatly shape their ongoing relationship with the dentist, which is why it is so important to create positive experiences. Going beyond just the routine check-ups, we cultivate a kid-friendly environment that helps foster a more positive experience for younger patients. With the expertise and gentle touch that all of our employees possess, we remove the chance for those ‘nightmare’ childhood dentist experiences. You can prepare your child for their dental treatment with our guidelines. Everything from before their treatment, the day of, and referrals are all covered by our expertise team.

Comprehensive Care for All Ages

Comprehensive care goes beyond just accommodating different age groups, it’s about tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each family member. Whether it is supporting with preventative care at a routine cleaning or a full smile makeover, we are adept at addressing specific oral health requirements for every stage of life.

Creating Smiles, Building Relationships

As a people-first clinic, open communication, personalization, and creating a friendly environment for every guest is a key piece to creating a successful family dentistry practice. These efforts are guaranteed to extend to any newcomer, to ensure their entire family feels comfortable and welcome to get the treatment they deserve. 

For newer patients, we understand the challenge and the trepidations that exist around finding a new dental practice. It can be difficult to know whether a clinic is supportive and can offer solutions for the entire family. We are committed to understanding the dynamics of each family member’s oral health. Through early consultations, customized before and after care, and support throughout the whole process, you can count on us to facilitate a process from start to finish that will benefit your entire family.

Where Everyone Feels At Home

We don’t take the role of crafting healthy smiles for every member of your family lightly. At Kelowna Dental Centre we want everyone to feel at home, and we hope you can trust you’ll be in good hands here. 

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