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Canada’s New Dental Benefit & the Cost of Dental Care

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If you’re a parent in Canada, chances are you’ve heard of the new Canada Dental Benefit. You may have even already applied for it. And so you should! Life isn’t getting any more affordable, especially here in British Columbia. So getting support for your child’s dental care may not just be wise—it could damn well be essential!

The entire team here at Kelowna Dental Centre, including me, Dr. Michael Webster, is pleased to see that this program finally exists. Routine dental care is inaccessible for many Canadians, often leading to detrimental and costly health complications later in life. 

But who’s actually eligible for the Canada Dental Benefit? And have you ever wondered why dental care seems so expensive compared to other medical costs? 

Well, I’m here to shed some light on the subject, including where to apply and how Kelowna Dental Centre is committed to making dental care as affordable as possible for you and your family.

Healthy Dental Habits From Day One

Let’s start with a question: Did you know that tooth decay is the world’s number one disease? It’s true! And yet many Canadians find themselves in a financial position where they think they must forego regular dental care.

This’s why the new Canada Dental Benefit is such a big deal! I’m a parent myself (just in case all my dad jokes haven’t given it away yet), so I know firsthand how important it is to set a good example for my kids. 

From an early age, talking to your kids about good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing (to all you non-flossers out there, we can tell!), will help them establish good habits for the rest of their lives.

And you can make brushing and flossing a fun, family activity—at least while they’re young enough to enjoy your cheesy sense of humour! Your child can practice on their favourite stuffy, you can brush your teeth together, and you can even create a colourful chart to track your child’s brushing progress—think along the lines of a streak on a fitness or meditation app.

While brushing and flossing daily at home needs to be your top priority for dental health, regular cleanings, and dental exams are a close second to ensure your and your family’s teeth and gums remain at their healthiest. And that’s where the new dental benefit comes in.

I’ve Heard of the Canada Dental Benefit, But What’s Next?

All right, first things first. The Canadian Government has set up the Canadian Dental Benefit program to make dental care more accessible and affordable for Canadians. It’s a fantastic initiative, especially for children and families struggling to afford regular dental care. 

Here’s the list of current qualifying criteria:

  1. The child(ren) must be less than 12 years old
    • Neither parent/caregiver has access to private insurance (i.e. a dental plan provided by an employer)
      • Must already be receiving the Child Tax Benefit
        • Household income must be less than $90,000

          The amounts eligible families can receive varies as well, depending on income.

          If you’re eligible, just apply online with the CRA! Once approved, the funds go into your bank account. Then you’re ready to book your child’s appointment.

          Now, as great as these benefits are, many Canadian families and individuals either may not qualify or will have dental costs exceeding the benefit’s limits.

          But don’t worry! My team and I have a solution that I’ll explain in just a bit. So keep reading!

          The Cost of Dental Care

          Now, no judgment, but have you ever thought, “holy crap, dentists charge a lot for appointments?” I already know the answer is “yes”—and that’s ok! Raising a family (or even living alone) in Canada is expensive. Canadians are fittingly watching their spending more closely than ever. And so we often think of dental care as being expensive. The reality is that medical care can be just as pricey. But why don’t we talk about it as much?

          I like to think of it this way: in the past, a single doctor could treat an illness alone. But today, it may take a team of 20-30 healthcare professionals to do the same job, which is actually a good thing. As treatments become more advanced and our understanding of the human body deepens, treatments improve, become more technology dependant, and therefore require more resources. And that’s just as true in dentistry as in any other medical field.

          As healthcare professionals, my team and I are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care and treatment for our patients. That means I regularly modernize our equipment and processes at the speed of science and technology–if you think keeping up with the latest smartphone breaks the bank, try keeping up with the latest in dental care!

          And that’s on top of the cost of dental school, opening a practice, hiring a dream team, and the initial and ongoing investment in equipment. Whew!

          Now, most of these expenses apply to your family physician as well. But what’s the difference? Well, thanks to our public health system, the cost of setting up and maintaining a medical practice is not passed onto you directly. Those are expenses that most of us can put out of our minds. So don’t worry! I understand that the costs of dentistry can be significant. And, with time, the Dental Benefit may grow to support even more Canadians.

          But until that day comes, Kelowna Dental Centre’s innovative in-house financing program—built through our partnership with PaySpyre—continues to make dental care more accessible for all.

          Kelowna Dental Centre: Making Dental Care More Affordable

          Let’s agree on one thing: no one should have to choose between essential expenses (how the hell does a carton of eggs cost $6??) and good oral health. And thanks to flexible in-house financing, we’re proud to accommodate almost every budget and deliver exceptional dental care to more folks in our community.

          So, don’t let your concerns about cost prevent you from having the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve! Contact us today to learn more about our dental services and in-house financing here at Kelowna Dental Centre. From cleanings to dental implants and everything in between, we strive to be your first choice for dental care. We can’t wait to care for you!

          Dr. Michael Webster

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