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Dr. Michael Webster here, Implant Dentist and Owner at Kelowna Dental Centre! If you’re looking to regain your smile’s brilliance, functionality, and the confidence that comes with it, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants have become the gold standard solution. However, there are two primary approaches to dental implant placement: Immediate and Delayed. Here’s a simplified guide to immediate and delayed dental implants, explaining the key differences between the two techniques, their advantages, and considerations to help you make informed choices regarding your tooth replacement options.

Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate dental implants involve placing the dental implant into the socket immediately after tooth extraction. 

Some benefits of this method include:

Time Efficiency

Immediate implants reduce the overall treatment duration by eliminating the need for a healing period between tooth extraction and implant placement.

Preservation of Bone and Soft Tissue

By placing an implant immediately after extraction, the bone and gum tissue are better preserved, maintaining the natural contours of the jaw and enhancing the aesthetic outcome.

Patient Satisfaction

Immediate implants provide immediate restoration of function and aesthetics, minimizing the time without a tooth.

Delayed Dental Implants

Delayed dental implants involve a waiting period between tooth extraction and implant placement.

Some benefits of this method include:

Healing and Bone Integration

Delayed implants allow for proper healing of the extraction site, ensuring optimal bone and soft tissue integration before implant placement. 

Infection Control

Delayed implants reduce the risk of infection associated with the extraction site, as it has time to heal completely before implant placement. 

Treatment Planning and Predictability

The waiting period allows for thorough treatment planning, including assessments of bone quality, gum health, and occlusion, resulting in a more predictable and ensuring a successful implant placement.

Which Type of Dental Implants Would I Need?

Immediate implants may not be suitable for those with compromised systemic health or certain oral conditions that require additional healing time. The amount and quality of available bone play a crucial role in determining whether immediate or delayed implants are more appropriate. Immediate implants are advantageous for front teeth replacements, as they offer immediate restoration of appearance, while delayed implants allow for more precise customization.

Consultation with a qualified dental professional to consider your specific goals and preferences along with the professional judgement of your dentist is essential to determine choice between Immediate and Delayed dental implants.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

While exact costs vary depending on individual needs, it’s crucial to understand the value and long-term benefits implants offer. Our team at Kelowna Dental Centre will provide a detailed breakdown of the cost during your personalized consultation, ensuring transparency and helping you make an informed decision about your dental health. 

We’re also extremely proud to offer revolutionary in-house dental financing that allows us to work within almost any budget and offer flexible financing options to make your dream smile attainable. Our in-house financing program, powered by PaySpyre, allows you to break down the cost into manageable monthly payments tailored to fit your budget. 

Everyone deserves access to top-quality dental care, and our financing options reflect our commitment to your oral health and overall well-being. We can guide you through the process and explore the financing solution that suits your needs.

Want to Find Out if You’re a Candidate for Dental Implants?

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Together, we’ll make your dream smile a reality. We can’t wait to care for you!

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